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Eroica (demo)

by Eroica

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released December 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Eroica Honolulu, Hawaii

Welcome to Eroica, metal/grind band from Oahu:

Manny - guitar
Atis - drums
Ty - vocals
Caleb - bass

Joe - drums

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Track Name: Succumb To (demo)
Succumb to
Track Name: Crane (demo)
I’m looking for Marion, my dear sweet Crane
Through the hole in the wall, I’m going insane
You’re looking so exposed, now sate my blade
I love that look in your eyes when you just drip to the floor
Velveteen drops of pearls, you shriek in delight of the gore
Seven clips come undone
One by one they come undone
Falling to the puddled floor
Scarlet on the tile, beauty, enough for vials
Track Name: Bitner & Larson (demo)
Listlessly they pick up their pace and
Desire to feast they hasten
Creeping closer, crawling closer, drawing nearer
Hands are shaking, trigger finger, key are slipping, they grow nearer
We lost Ben
Out of fuel for the road
Pull the trigger, take us home
Falling through flames, through gasoline
Track Name: Madrigal (demo)
Time came to halt and everything slowed
They’re all worthless to me I am who I want to be
How do you plead
You know nothing of the fun that I’ve had
So what if you think I’m bad
Even when I feel myself crashing down
To pavement now
Track Name: Bishop (demo)
I stand I feel I am one of you
Skewered through the back against my program
I see myself impaled by the tale of a beast
Ripped in two by the arms of a queen, ruining my design
I’d rather be nothing, I’ll never be top of the line
Track Name: Anna (demo)
Ascending the stairs to the executioner’s thrill
Enter through the rifts, bearing the head of a pyramid
Filth and Lies
We saw her skin ripped from her still beating
Body as the blood shot flung through the door
A terrible strength of a forbidden past
We watched in horror as she was skin by the limbs
Anna follower of the Brethren
She paid for her sin with her skin
Track Name: Go Juu Yon (demo)
Kiiroi sen no uchigawa ni sagatte, o-machi kudasai
Abunai desu kara
54 with bright futures ahead
54 with a bright future closing in
The poor souls inside the train
Showered with young blood and stained
Cranial masses consecutively executed by the wheels of the oncoming
Daijobu desu yo
Track Name: Tracy Mills (demo)
What's in the box?
Track Name: Palmer (demo)

Springing to life crawling on the ceiling
Scent of flesh, freshly appealing

Bursting at the seams with the blood of a thing
Splitting its head in two, crawling to you
Splitting its head in two, coming to you

Treated like a raggedy doll, limbs flailing wall to wall
Treated like a raggedy doll, limbs flailing wall to wall
Treated like a raggedy doll, limbs flailing wall to wall
Treated like a raggedy doll, limbs flailing wall to wall

Make haste, exterminate the beast
Pull the trigger, burst it into flames

Why won’t you pull that trigger
I’m being devoured by this atrocious abomination's head